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Reflection On “Being It All”

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Nick's Diary

The first book I picked up that led me into the entrancing world of a different sort of “spirituality” was A New Earth by Ekhart Tolle.


It sparked a new flame of fascination and wonder in me.


But, it would be years until I’d find one of my favorite philosophers and spiritual articulators.


And now, I find myself {again} reading his book, Still The Mind.


It’s a short one that I just happened to open up on my Kindle app a few nights ago while lying in bed, not yet ready to drift into the world of dreams and no-thingness.


No one’s talked about it quite like him.


I can’t help but read a little, pause, shut my eyes and breath in stillness.


My mind centers and dances with the ideas he puts forth.


It’s a nice experience.


One such paragraph really got me into this groove.


Here it is…

Just watch quietly this “going on.” Whether you close your eyes or keep them open makes little difference. You find yourself once again tending to put names, words, descriptions on everything that you experience, and that’s not necessary.

Dont’ try to stop yourself putting names on things, just regard your doing that as an activity that is happening, like the sound of a car going by. If you ask, “Why am I doing this?” Just hear the sound – “why am I doing this…why am I doing this” – as “da da da, dadada.”

Alan Watts

Still The Mind

Current Thought: Reflection and contemplation have always come most naturally for me.


Twisting my body into all sorts of shapes takes some daily discipline.


Opening up the heart to what the yogis call Bhakti requires a little ritual performance of sorts or possibly an atmosphere of mantra and kirtan (singing and humming)…


And occasionally, a spontaneous alignment of energies on a cool, Florida, summer night just after a strong thunderstorm.


Oh the smells. Oh the medicine of the night.


But, to reflect…


To read the words and works of the wise & illuminated ones; even a single line of just about any scripture…


In that moment, it is so effortless to slip into the stillness. The body becomes still. The mind becomes still.


Even the outside world seems to go still in these moments where “time touches eternity.”


It’s not a forced thing. It’s not “thinking.” It’s altogether different.


Reflection is what it sounds like it is.


Just like when a pond reflects the best image of the moon when it is still.


In the same way, the best reflection comes when the waves of thought have settled down, and the mind is as still as a clear lake on a windless night.


Rest the mind on a single thought or object.


Try it. Enjoy it. 


Well, I think that’s all for now.


This is the first entry I’m posting here, and I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but this is actually a custom font I designed using my own handwriting.


I thought it would be an interesting way to “journal digitally.” I hope you enjoy it.


Until next time. Nos vemos! (I’m learning español)

Nick Æ


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