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Integral Yogi

61 Point Shavasana

Relax & Focus Into This Purifying Meditation

In our first video of this module, the “9 Questions”, we talked about how you do not want to attempt to meditate while lying down. This is mostly due to the fact that most of us are so conditioned to fall asleep in this position.

In this guided ‘meditation’ we’ll be lying down on our back in shavasana.


The focus will move over 61 points on the body, which will help you to maintain awareness and not drift into a sleep. Afterward you can do one of two things. You can sit up and sit for meditation OR you can use this to relax before bed to induce a deeper more peaceful sleep.


2 Ways To Use This Guided Practice

Below you’ll find an audio player you can use to play the audio – it will start soon after you hit play so be sure to be lying down and in a relaxed shavasana pose.


The second is a button to download the MP3 so that you can upload it to your phone or iPod and listen whenever and wherever you are.

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