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Integral Sadhana

And Now We Begin Our Sadhanas

Everything up to this point has been to lay the foundation for strengthening, guiding, and purifying our mind, our emotions, and our actions (habits). With this foundation we can now begin our spiritual practices working upon subtler dimensions of ourselves…

Day-By-Day Actions Lead To Permanent Success

How often is it that we witness the rapid rise of a celebrity or business only to see them fade and disappear from the scene even quicker than their rise? Too often.


And while many factors contribute to this, there is one that stands above the rest. Those who have maintained the longest careers and have achieved lasting success and impact on the world are those who NEVER stop.


They don’t stop improving, learning, growing, developing, and maturing.


They continue their work at a steady pace. Day-by-day, working towards their goals. Progressing. And in doing so, securing lasting success in all of their endeavors. This is the SECRET of success. It’s been spoken of countless times, but few listen, because it’s not nearly as exciting as a meteoric rise.


Ironically, we call it “meteoric.” You know a meteors inevitable conclusion…


But, if it is permanent peace, happiness, fulfillment, and (yes) prosperity that you wish to have in your life, it is only by consistent, day-by-day action can you achieve this.


It should be known… This does not mean HARD work every day. And it certainly doesn’t mean “never taking a vacation” or relaxing well and enjoying the fruits of your labor. It is simply a suggestion to continue a balanced lifestyle of enjoying your work and enjoying your play in equal portions.

Module 3 Lessons:

Below you’ll find all of the guided practices and lessons that make up Integral Sadhana.

9 Essential Questions about Meditation

These nine questions come from someone (my sister actually) who had not been doing any yoga practices and was genuinely curious about how to begin and how to handle some of the most common hurdles in our life and spiritual practice. I hope you find these answers helpful too…

Soorya Namaskara Practice

There are many variations of Soorya (or Surya) Namaskara, but this is the version that I learned most closely related to the classical way of moving in the asanas. This is a very complete sequence and a wonderful one in that almost anyone can practice it.

61 Point Shavasana

In this guided ‘meditation’ we’ll be lying down on our back in shavasana. The focus will move over 61 points on the body, which will help you to maintain awareness and not drift into a sleep.

Nadi Shodhana

The Nadis are known as subtle channels or pathways that our energies follow on the subtler astral plane. These are not viewable by any physical means, but is possible to directly perceive in higher states of consciousness.

Japa of mantra

Mantra (Sanskrit mantra) is the sound form of a subtler energy, and when we pronounce these sounds (bija seed sounds) in the correct sequence, the mantra becomes active and can positively effect our life in auspicious ways. Here, we’ll use a mala of 108 beads to do Japa of Mantra.

guided meditations

Here you will find all of the guided meditations for Integral Sadhana practice. If we ever mention that we’ve “added a new meditation” this is where you will find it.

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