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Nadi Shodhana

Nadi (Astral Channel) Purification

The Nadis are known as subtle channels or pathways that our energies follow on the subtler astral plane. These are not viewable by any physical means, but is possible to directly perceive in higher states of consciousness. Fortunately, we do not need to see them to positively clear and purify the nadis. You can do it using the breath…

Beginner Nadi Shodhana…

No matter how experiences you may feel you are with pranayama, it is important to start here. If you’ve been doing Nadi Shodhana to some degree, at least watch this video to see if you might pick up another element or two for you practice.


 Before moving onto the more intermediate Nadi Shodhana, be sure to carefully follow all of the recommendations in this video.

Intermediate Nadi Shodhana…

Again, before attempting this practice, you should have been practice DAILY with beginner Nadi Shodhana and gradually increasing your inhalation and exhalation duration.


If you don’t have a well-developed lung capacity, this practice will be impossible for you. You should go back to practicing the other pranayamas before advancing.


Just like any of the other practices in this course, any straining or forcing of the breath is NOT suggested and, in fact, is strictly forbidden. If you push or pull the breath too vigorously, you can damage the small capillaries in your nose, and cause other damages to your energy systems. 


Be gentle and wise with your practice. Know when it’s time to advance and when it’s time to take a step back if needed. There might even be days when you have to step back in your practice and do a gentler variation.


This happens sometimes. In Florida, the pollen count triples and quadruples in the spring causing some congestion in the sinuses, for example. (no matter how much honey you eat haha) When this happens we can use the Neti Cleanse, but even so, it’s necessary to know what is pushing too much and what is just enough.

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