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The Foundation

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Before any endeavor there preparation. We set up the foundation for success. We ensuring that the soil is healthy and fertile for the seeds of our goals and ambitions to sprout, grow, and flourish.


As we talk about PURPOSE in this video, it’s important to understand that the context of “purpose”, even within subtler dimensions of existence, like the astral dimensions, there is a “sensation of purpose – but even these higher dimensions are involved in the Game of Karma & Desire. So, this sensation of having a purpose of some sort is playing out at many levels of our being.


A Yogi is one who has decided that he or she is no longer going to get tangled up in this game, and wishes to untangle the bondage of karma and desire and be free in Yoga. (union)

What About Synchronicities?

It’s all a great synchronicity and in those profound, awakening states of consciousness where we can perceive reality with greater clarity, it is then that you see that there isn’t a single speck of dust that is out of place.


This seems like a peculiar contradiction considering our talk on “purposefulness” of creation. This isn’t a matter of purpose but of harmony and unity. When we can clearly see the total, the great Cosmic Whole, then it’s easy to understand that everything, every cell, every atom is exactly as it should be and where it ought to be in each situation.


With a profounder understanding of life, we can also see how to bring more “synchronicities” into our own individual lives. When you are in harmony and alignment (mind, body, energies, and actions) your life looks like a miracle to others. It is seamless. This is what daily practice of your Integral Sadhana leads to. 

What About That Feeling I Get That I MUST Do Something Or Pursue A Certain Path?

Again, we all have past Karmas and Subtle Desires, as well as Impressions (most are deep within the subconscious mental body). There is a fructification of karmas that must happen – said in another way, all desires and karmas must express and be experiences in someway (whether in this life or another).


One purpose of doing this Yoga is that we no longer with to drift endlessly through birth after birth. The “game” is clear to us now and we’re looking to wake up, to REALIZE, and to go beyond it all. This means we’re looking to clean up these karmas and subtle desires within the mind, body, and energies.


We do this through our Sadhana – touching subtle aspects of our being that we do not even perceive, but can positively impact.


 So, when you feel, “I MUST do this… it feelings like my calling.” It might very well be “calling”, but as a yogi and one who is mastering themselves, know that you are calling the shots now. You decide. You do what you wish using your reason, emotion, wisdom, and action.


Lesson 1: Dis-Identifying With what you are not

Much of the suffering, frustration, and pain that we experience in our lives is due in large part to our constant identification with external situations and internal “dialogs” that we allow to guide us. Hint: The “voice” in your head isn’t always telling the truth. Mostly… it is not.

Lesson 2: developing the quality of awareness

This is the simplest practice for developing the ability to concentration with deeper focus and less distraction constant “chattering of the mind” when you’re meditating…

Lesson 3: the 8 Limbs of yoga (ashtanga)

Our studies have taken us to some ancient origins and the addition of 5 more Yamas and Niyamas is just an example of how this knowledge is expanded. Let’s continue…

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