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Awareness Growth

Developing The Quality Of Awareness

This is the simplest practice for developing the ability to concentration with deeper focus and less distraction constant “chattering of the mind” when you’re meditating. The beauty of this practice is that it enhances everything you do, and brings much joy as you develop your quality of awareness.

Best Times To Practice:

  • While Cooking – These first two are VERY important. How unconsciously and ungratefully we often eat and drink? At least there is some skill required when cooking a meal that might bring our attention into the moment a bit little more than eating, but even that, most are on their phone, chatting away, or paying attention to something else.
  • While Eating/Drinking – A little gratitude (even a little prayerfulness) can have a tremendously positive effect on the food you’re consuming. This is fueling your life! If you don’t have food to eat, you will lose your strength and eventually whither away. It is another life that has given up it’s life so that you could live. What ever it is… it has done this.  
  • While Driving – For many of us, this is something we’ve been doing long enough to do without much thought. Without talking much about the issues that this poses, we can also use this time to tune in to the act. To become fully aware of what we’re doing, and even those around us. It can become quite a fun process to drive with utmost precision, intelligence, and sometimes… cleverness. But, this can only happen if you’re giving it your attention.
  • In the Shower – Most of the time our minds are relaxed when we shower or bath and so we start to wander and ponder more creatively, but this is also a time that you can use to bring your attention the present moment. Feel the water droplets totally; see how you can be more conscious of every movement you make; become aware of your breath; add in a little visualization and FEEL that you’re “washing away” the negative, tense vibrations from the day. Water is a very receptive substance. The quality of your mind when interacting with it can directly effect it. Try this one. See how it feels.
  • While Doing Mundane Activities – Even the mundane tasks can be done with precision and genius. Personally, I enjoy putting my full attention into mundane work. You’ll amaze yourself at how creative you can get. What shortcuts you can discover. What patterns you can design to speed up the work. You’ll finish your work faster, but most importantly… You’ll actually enjoy doing it.
  • While Washing Your Hands – Here’s a VERY simple one. I added this one because one day while washing my hands in a busy rest stop bathroom, I noticed how so many were rushing in and out, washing their hands and taking an excessive amount of paper towel. A little more consciousness into this act and we can be more careful of our actions and impact. Again… This is a great opportunity to “see” how you can cleanse away the tensions and energies in your body through your hands. The hands are a point of convergence for our energies. This is how we can heal and do so many profound acts using the hands – keeping them clean, both physically and energetically is an important habit to form.
  • While Cleaning – This is similar to the “mundane activities” but worth mentioning because most folks don’t enjoy cleaning. You might find it strange that some of us enjoy this process, and you might even be one of the “strange ones.” Here’s what makes this wonderful… There’s a very intimate relationship between our environment and our mind. You might notice that if you’re in a dirty, disorderly environment (even more a few hours) you mind will become more distracted and even restless than it typically is, but the moment that place is cleaned up, your mind also feels “cleaned up” and tidy. So, in this way, organizing our environment, clearing it up helps us to be more meditative and free of anxieties and restlessness.

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