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Welcome To The Tools For Transformation

Among the countless practices and ideas we can implement into our lives, there is one that is so important and essential that without it, all of these others become less potent. We MUST do this before we begin our endeavor for transforming our life in any way…

What Makes Defining Transformation So Important?

We must first DEFINE what transformation is going to look like when we achieve it. What it will feel like. What we’ll look like. How we’ll act, think, and be.


What makes this so important is that TOO many times I’ve seen people transform themselves in incredible and beautiful ways, but still they do not even know it… And because of that, they feel discouraged and a little exhausted from doing all this work for “seemingly” no result.


It’s because they never bothered to define what transformation is to them. Even more… If we don’t define this (even in a vague way) our aim will be perfection. And as you know, perfection is a moving target. The moment you “get there” you’ve already got new knowledge and abilities to see the next level of “perfection” that you have to go for.


So, invest the time now. Define it a little bit.

How Do I Know When I Have Transformed?

In a simple sense, a totally transformation is when you naturally think, feel, or act in a certain way that is different from how you did before… without effort.


Say you really wished to erradicate that feeling of anxiety that you get when someone approaches you with a question you don’t know but feel like you’re supposed to know. (that’s a long one, but this happens to a lot of us)


So, you use some of the practices below to start your process of transformation.


After a few months, you realize that when this situation occurs again… Your boss comes up to you, asks you a question, and you have no idea what the solution or answer is…


But, now, without hesitation or a feeling of anxiety, you calmly respond… “Well, I don’t know actually. Let me get back to you on that.” No anxiety. No fear. No tension. You’re finally okay with saying “I don’t know” when you don’t know.


It seems simple, but this is transformation.

Lesson 1: Decide Your Destiny

There are 2 seemingly contradictory ideas… The Divine Plan (and surrending to this) and Your Will & Self-Effort (taking you destiny into your own hands). Let’s explore the latter in this lesson…

Lesson 2: Pratipaksha Bhavana

There are many ways to transform your habits and thought-patterns, but none as simple and potent as Pratipaksha Bhavana. It is a powerful tool for transforming your life in the way you wish to.

Lesson 3: Annamaya Kosha The "Food" Body

What you eat, you become. Put another way… The quality of the food you put into your body is directly related to the quality (and pleasantness) of your mind, your emotions, and your energies…

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