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Annamaya Kosha

Your “Food” Body

The food you eat impacts more than just your body. In this lesson you’ll briefly see the 5 Koshas (or sheaths of a human being), but our focus is on the annamaya kosha – your “food” body. What you eat, you become. Put another way… The quality of the food you put into your body is directly related to the quality (and pleasantness) of your mind, your emotions, and your energies…

An Important Note About FOOD

It’s easy to become a fanatic about food and what is considered “healthy.” There are certainly diets that are are optimal for certain situations and sadhanas, but the KEY point to grasp and integrate is: moderation and balance.


If you devote yourself to finding the balance in how you eat and what you eat, health will follow. It is excessiveness and compulsiveness that is the enemy of great health.


With that said, one last reminder… It is only with a healthy body that we can most effectively pursue our highest wellbeing (mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually).


What you eat and how you eat impacts all dimensions of your being. Be kind to yourself. Be intelligent. Your body is truly a temple. You wouldn’t throw trash into your temple and smear toxic chemicals on it’s walls… Your body is no different.

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