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Decide Your Destiny

Taking Your Life Into Your Own Hands

There are 2 seemingly contradictory ideas… The Divine Plan (and surrending to this) and Your Will & Self-Effort (taking you destiny into your own hands). Let’s explore the latter in this lesson…

Your Practice:

This is a practice that can be done continuously on many levels. For example: You might create a list of things you’ve been putting off or “passing responsibility” onto others of a physical nature, like cleaning the dishes out of the sink or organizing the pile of random stuff in the kitchen drawers.


But, this can go into deeper dimensions of our selves as well. For Example: Have you making excuses for your life and the way you’ve been thinking about yourself by saying, “That’s just the way I am…” or even passing responsibility onto God or the Universe to deliver to you what you desire and wish for rather than taking responsibility and action towards attaining your goals and aspirations?


So, you see… It can go many layers deep or stay on the surface. Both are equally important.


1) In your journal create a list of 15-20 things you’ve been putting off, procrastinating on, or passing responsibility on to someone or something else.


2) After you’ve got a solid list of 15-20 items, review it and ask these TWO questions about each item: “If I were to just do this myself, what would it really take to get it done?” and then “Having done what needed to be done, how would that make me feel?”


Ex. For over a week our whole neighborhood walked or drove by the giant pile of trash (including the kids who lived in that house!). The moment I asked question #1, I moved from “Man, it’d sure be great if that got cleaned up” to “how might I go about cleaning it up?”


It’s a solution producing question.


The next question, about how it’ll make you feel is more of a motivational type question. Because, as we well know… Knowing what to do doesn’t always mean we’ll do it. So, asking question #2 is a little helper to show motivate us to just go do it.


WARNING: This is NOT about doing something begrudingly or that could put you in harms way. Be smart and stay safe. But, also, be sure to find the joy in these acts no matter how big or small. It’s always there in some way.


The Mental Clarity Gained Of This Practice

Ever walk past something everyday (for days or even weeks) that needed to be cleaned up, re-painted, or just picked up and tossed into the trash?


Most of us have.


And in many cases, every time we walked past it, it used up some mental energy. Depending on how much it “grinded your gears” it might have taken up more or less than others.


The super benefits of choosing to respond to that which you can, in the moment you can, is that your mental space is cleared. You might even feel a little joy or sensation of positive pride for having done it. There are so many little things in our life that we allow to needlessly take up mental space.


This practice and some other very simple ones can bring about a LOT of mental clarity.

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