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Your Personal Sadhana

Customizing & Evolving Your Own Sadhana

At a certain point, you’ll begin to understand where you’re at, what you need most, and how to evolve your own sadhana. These lessons and suggestions will help guide and empower you on this life-long journey of Self Realization.

Module 4 Lessons:

Reading, Reflection, And Satsanga

The beautiful thing about the times we live in is that within a moment we can find hundreds of books, thousands of videos, lectures, and transcriptions from Realized Masters (alive and who have left their bodies).

Designing Your Alter Space

This is something that grows over time. You find meaningful items, powerful items, crystals, powders, and so forth to add to your space. No one is to touch this. This is for you. Over time this space grows in power and allows you to enter into meditative states more quickly.

48-Day Mandalam Method

This originally comes from the healing work in Ayurvedic Medicine but is also applied to Sadhanas and practices that we wish to integrate into our life. 

"Vaccinations" on the path

Over the many years of my own personal journey in spiritual practices, yoga, and other mystic experiences, I’ve encountered many “slippery cliff-sides” “rocky roads” and “times of plateauing dullness.” Each one I’ve overcome and it brings my joy to share them with you.

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