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Vaccinations On The Path

“Vaccinations” For Preventing Failure

Over the many years of my own personal journey in spiritual practices, yoga, and other mystic experiences, I’ve encountered many “slippery cliff-sides” “rocky roads” and “times of plateauing dullness.” Each one I’ve overcome.


And it brings me great joy to share these with you so that you might be able to overcome them with great ease OR never have to face them, having already been “vaccinated” from their stinging presence. 

Whew! I Know…

Longest video in our course here, covering dozens of vaccinations. But, I must say, this won’t be all of them. So, while you can prepare yourself with these teachings and be aware of their possibility, the BEST vaccination is that of constant, day-by-day self-effort in your personal Sadhana.


No one warned me of most of these, yet I was able to overcome them ONLY because of the sadhanas that I have commited my life energies to. That is your BEST protection.


Now, it’s time for you to continue your journey. Expand your consciousness. Open your heart and spread the profound joy and love contained within. Awaken. Realize. Aum & Prem.


Until next time my beloved friend,

Nick (Shambhu)

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