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9 Essential Questions About Meditation

These nine questions come from someone (my sister actually) who had not been doing any yoga practices and was genuinely curious about how to begin and how to handle some of the most common hurdles in our life and spiritual practice. You’ll likely find these questions to be similar to your own.

Soorya Namaskara Practice

There are many variations of Soorya (or Surya) Namaskara, but this is the version that we learned most closely related to the classical way of moving in the asanas. This is a very complete sequence and a wonderful one in that almost anyone can practice it.

61 Point Shavasana

In this guided ‘meditation’ we’ll be lying down on our back in shavasana. The focus will move over 61 points on the body, which will help you to maintain awareness and not drift into a sleep.

Designing Your Sacred Alter Space

This is something that grows over time. You find meaningful items, powerful items, crystals, powders, and so forth to add to your space. No one is to touch this. This is for you. Over time this space grows in power and allows you to enter into meditative states more quickly.

Guided Meditations

Here you will find all of the guided meditations for Integral Sadhana practice. If we ever mention that we’ve “added a new meditation” this is where you will find it. (see below how we do these differently)

Guided Japa of Mantra

Mantra (Sanskrit mantra) is the sound form of a subtler energy, and when we pronounce these sounds (bija seed sounds) in the correct sequence, the mantra becomes active and can positively effect our life in auspicious ways. Here, we’ll use a mala of 108 beads to do Japa of Mantra.

Activating & Using Mandalams For Forming Habits

This originally comes from the healing work in Ayurvedic Medicine but is also applied to Sadhanas and practices that we wish to integrate into our life. 

"Vaccinations” On The Path

Over the many years of my own personal journey in spiritual practices, yoga, and other mystic experiences, I’ve encountered many “slippery cliff-sides” “rocky roads” and “times of plateauing dullness.” Each one I’ve overcome and now I’m bringing to you the solutions and means of avoiding them altogether in this lesson.

Nadi Shodhana

The Nadis are known as subtle channels or pathways that our energies follow on the subtler astral plane. These are not viewable by any physical means, but is possible to directly perceive in higher states of consciousness.

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