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Welcome to “Soorya Namaskara”

In this 7-Day program, we’ll be showing you how to properly perform the Soorya Namaskara practice to bring more energy, balance, and alignment into your life. On this little journey, you’ll also learn about the deeper, mystical implications of the Soorya Namaskara and why this simple system of poses is so potent. Let’s begin…

Contraindications & Precautions
Bhakti Firstly, it’s MOST important that you develop a sensitivity to your body. Listen to your body. It will tell you what you can handle, and when you should take a break.

If you’ve never praciced any kind of Hatha Yoga then take it slow and easy. The gradual path leads to permanent success (without injury).

Here are some other common contraindications that might prevent you from performing the Surya Namskara practice:

  • if you have back injury
  • discontinue immediately if you form a fever, acute inflammation, or if boils or rashes occur. (It’s RARE, but sometimes when excess toxins are leaving the body, this can happen. When the toxins have been purged, the practice can be resumed.)
  • if you have high blood pressure
  • if you have coronary artery diseases
  • if you’ve had a stroke. (This practice might overstimulate or damage a weak heart or blood vessels)
  • avoid in cases of hernia or intestine tuberculosis

Specifically For Women:

  • Avoid this practice during the onset of menstruation (especially if the flow is heavy) If you MUST continue your routine, be very moderate – maybe 1-2 Surya Namskaras in a day.
  • Pregnancy -You should discontinue AFTER the beginning of the 12th week (about the 3rd month)
  • Following childbirth, resuming 40 days after delivery for re-toining the uterine muscles is okay.

These are general precautions gathered from experience and other resources. You know your body best. Take care. Listen. And do what you feel you can.

The Benefits
There are a great many benefits that arrive from regular (daily) practice of Soorya Namaskara. Here are a few that come from the Yogic Sciences and masters:


  • it is a great purifier of the body, mind, and spirit (creating more harmony in your life)
  • it endows sharp intellect (mental fog & drowsiness is evaporated with just 2-3 Surya Namskaras immediately after waking up, especially good in the morning)
  • it is most auspicious (we’ll speak more on this as you progress through the 7-day prorgram)
  • leads to radiant health, joy, and liberation
  • directly vitalizes the solar energy of the bodies which flows through the pingala nadi (the suble astral body channel that regulates prana) This leads to a balanced energy system.
  • helps to generate prana
  • reflects the rhythms fo the universe; the twenty-four hours of the day, twelve phases of the year and the biorhythms of the body.
  • strengthens the back and helps balance the metabolism
  • stimulates and balances all systems of the body, including reproductive organs, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems
  • stimulation of the endocrine glands helps to balance the transition period between childhood and adolescence for growing children
  • synchronizing the breath with physical movements ensures that you breath as deeply and rythmically as possible (at least for a few minutes) which increases mental clarity and brings an abundance of fresh oxygenated blood to the brain
*Spelling of sanskrit words tend to vary depending on the locale of the one using them. For example: Some spell this “Surya” others “Soorya” (which sounds more like how it’s pronounced) – It’s best to avoid getting hung-up in intellectual debates about what is the correct spelling or not.

Sanskrit words are more about the vibration and reverberation that the sound makes on the physical, mental, and astral planes anyways.

“Modern life is exceedingly wearing; the noise, the excitement, the hurry, the competition, the irregular hours, hard study, anxieties, worry, lack of proper food and excercise make a heavy tax on the constitution soon resulting in a breakdown of health. One can, however, be unaffected by these evils of modern civilization, if one should perform the *Soorya Namaskar exercise daily and take care of the diet, and make proper use of sunshine and open air.”
The King of Aundh

(India 1940)