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Soorya Namaskara > Day 2 – Breath & Prana
The Pranic Connection With Breath
The breath is always a great focus in Yoga. There are many reasons for this, but the primary importance is that the breath is intimately linked with the flow of Prana.

Prana is not a physical “substance” but an energy-form that exists and sustains your life within the astral body.

In simple terms… If you bring more prana into your life, you will feel more vibrant, energetic, clear-minded, and balanced.

On the contrary, if you eat low-prana foods or partake in prana-depleting activity, you’ll feel tired, slothful, and depressed.

The breath isn’t the only aid for generating more prana, though. A system of specific asanas, like in the Surya Namaskara, can also bring in a wonderful amount of prana.

So, while you’re performing the asanas, you can enhance your practice by becoming keenly aware of your breath.

This’ll also help to focus your attention in the present moment – the mind tends to wander when you get into a rhythm (similar to when you’re doing mundane activities that you’re mastered – like cleaning or cooking).

This will happen when you gain more expertise in your Surya Namaskara practice, so it’s important to start developing awareness of your breath now.

The breath also has an tremendous effect on the nervous system.

Think about this: When you are angry, stressed, or feeling anxiety, your breath will tend to be shallow and quick.

When you are relaxed, calm, tranquil, happy, peaceful, your breath will be deeper and slower.

Knowing this and being an intelligent person… how would you like to breath?

And in moments of an overstrained nervous system, whether you’re angry or stressed… know that with just a few conscoius, deep breaths, you can bring more calmness and collectedness into your heart and mind.

Enjoy the breath. There is immense joy in breathing when you become intensely aware of it’s true source. (hint: It’s not just air moving in and out of our lungs. It is the very source of life.)