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Soorya Namaskara > Day 3 – Solar Alignment
The 3 Important Nadis
The masters of Yoga has discovered through their deep and profound meditations that there are 72,000 Nadis in the human system.

Actually, there are many more than this even, but this was a generally accepted number which expresses how numerous these channels (or pathways are).

Nadis are astral channels which various energies move through to create and sustain and destroy varoius functions in the physical, astral, and mental bodies.

The 3 most important Nadis are the ones we concentrate on in Surya Namaskara.

The Ida (ēe-dah) Nadi spirals around the Shushumna (central nadi that runs straight up and down in alignment with the actual spine) starting from the left side at the base of the spine and ending on the left side near the Ajna Chakra.

The Pingala (ping all ah) Nadi spirals around the Shushmna starting from the right side at the base of the spine and ending on nthe right side near Ajna Chakra.

Technically, we don’t concentrate on Shushumna, but is is an essential channel for energy work.

This chart describes a bit more about what Ida and Pingala energies are like:

{ida, pingala chart}