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Soorya Namaskara > Day 4 – Physical Body
Importance of a flexible spine - The Muscles
Importance of a flexible spine – As we talked about the shushumna which is located in the subtle astral body, the spine is intimately connected with this.

A flexible spine means an adaptable life. A tree is uprooted by strong hurricane force winds, and yet the tiny, fragile blades of grass remain.

Similarly, when you are met with adversity, if you are flexible like the blades of grass, you will be emerge practically unscathed.

If you are rigid and “unmoving” in your ways, you will be more easily uprooted and pushed over when “a strong wind comes.” (most are toppled over even with a small breeze)

Everything is related. If you have tense muscles, you’ll feel mentally and emotionally tense.

If you rip your muscles too much in over-exercising and feel very sore and irritated – you’ll also have an irritable, impatient attitude.

All of this is connected.