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Soorya Namaskara > Day 5 – Turning Inward
Quieting The Mental Chatter
Follow the breath – allow your mind to rest and become concentrated on the movement of air in and out of your lungs.

What a miraculous exchange, isn’t it?

A process that goes out without your conscious effort – and yet is the very process that sustains your entire life.

If you try to hold your breath, you can only do so up to a certain point, and then the body forces you to breath. Even if you succeeded in holding it long enough, you would only pass out and the breath would resume immediately after you lost consciousness. Your life is a gift, and sustained by an energy that is often given no attention (let alone gratitude).

This is a great opportunity to follow this breath. Where does it come from? What where does it go? What is the source?

It’s been said that “one can follow the breath all the way to it’s origin.”

The breath as we know it is only as much as we can feel the air moving across the skin and internal viscera. But, the breath is much more than that. It is even more than the air particles (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.) that enter into the body.

Follow the breath – bring more awareness to each moment and motion of the Surya Namaskara.

Feel sensitively. Breath evenly. Move harmoniously.

You will experience a deeper connection with the movements, your breath, and your state of mind – which will turn more blissful.

This deeper focusing of your “mental rays” will quiet the mind and bring on a more peaceful state of consciousness.