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Soorya Namaskara > Day 6 – Whenever, Wherever
Use Your Tool
At this point, if you’ve been keeping up each day, you’ve really got a good feel for Soorya Namaskara and it’s immediate effects and benefits.

After just one focused Soorya Namaskara, might feel as though you’ve “Come Alive!” Definitely this is so if you do a few very soon after you wake up in the morning (typically when the last thing your body wants to do is stretch and move).

But, this is a wonderful thing.

More is to come with continued practice. I promise you.

Today, is short but sweet.

A reminder that you can use this system to re-balance, re-energize, and re-focus at ANY point in your busy day.

This is especially useful in the afternoon, when energy is starting to lag, day-to-day stresses are setting in, and so on.

Find a quiet, secluded space and do a Soorya Namaskara or two.

You will instantly feel better.

Remember, you can use this amazing tool whenever, wherever.