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Soorya Namaskara > Day 7 – Growing Beyond
Growth is Gradual

The BEST method for permanent transformation and growth is the path of the “Gradual.”

Most of us have experienced the detrimental impacts of over-excitement and over-commitment to a new habit. Around here we call it the “rubber band effect.”

Just like a strong rubber band, if you stetch it REALLY fast, it’ll pull you back just as quickly (often tossing you into the opposite direction).

On the contrary, if you gradually stetch this rubber band, it will not jolt back. And if you continue to pull, it will eventually snap and break. (the equivalent of an old habit dying)

Transformation lives in a careful and gradual progression. We’ve started small… 2-3 Soorya Namaskaras per day.

Now, as you continue to develop your practice to 12 and beyond, do not jump too dramatically.

You should be able to increase without feeling the need to “take a day off.”

Just add 1 more every 5-7 days. After a few weeks you’ll become stronger and stronger, but you won’t have worn yourself out.

Of course, the contraindications should be followed with care – so if any of those apply, or you injure yourself… Be smart, and do what you can without enhancing the injury or illness.

If you need continued inspiration, feel free to revisit any of the lessons here. They will always be here for you.

The Secret
What’s a good journey without a secret awaiting you at the end?

Here, I will give you ONE secret which my beloved Guru gave to me and is the driving force behind the enormous volume of work that Padasevana is and will become…

“The best way to grow and integrate the knowledge you have gained is to share it with and teach it to others. You can be a branch of these Yoga Teachings.”

At this point, you have the fundamentals of Soorya Namaskara. Share it with another. Practice with another. Be Satsanga for those around you. You can touch and transform a life by the simplest of actions.

…AND, of course, this is free for all to use. So, you can invite your friends to learn it here and pratice with you whenever possible.