Discover How These 12 Powerful Asanas Can Transform Your Body, Mind, & Mood Over The Next 7 Days

In this 7-Day series, we’ll be showing you how to perform the Soorya Namaskara practice to bring more energy, balance, and alignment into your life.

On this short-but-sweet journey together, you’ll also learn about the deeper, mystical implications of the Soorya Namaskara practice and how this simple system of poses is so important for your wellbeing and spiritual evolution. Let’s begin…

Dearest Yogi,

Of the innumerable systems of Yoga Asanas , Soorya Namaskara is stands out above the rest as the simplest for almost anyone to perform, while also maintaining it’s potency and tremendously powerful effects on the mind and body.

Even after just one Soorya Namaskara, you can feel your entire body come to life. Your mind becomes clear. Your breath smoother and more fluid.

That is why we chose this system of 12 poses to be our very first course.

Simple, yet powerful.

But, I understand…

Maybe you’ve tried doing “Yoga” before, but find it difficult to be consistent because of the time and energy commitment.

In this course, we’ll show you how to perform up to 3 Soorya Namaskara rounds in as little 5 minutes. Of course you can do more, but we’ve found that if you’re in a “time crunch”, 3 Soorya Namaskaras is the sweet spot for reaping many of the benefits without the LONG time commitment.

You might have been to a Yoga class before and felt like you got hit by a truck for several days afterwards…
You wanted to go back, but after being “unplugged” from the practice for so long, the reasons “why not to go” seemed to stack up so you just didn’t.

Well, not only are we going to carefully, and safely guide you through the Soorya Namaskara practice, but we’ll also be checking in with additional insights and videos each day for 7 days straight…

So, you’ll be getting a friendly reminder to do your practice each day, until it starts to become a habit.

Maybe you already have a strong Yoga practice and would like to add the Soorya Namaskara practice to your daily Sadhana.

Our instructions are very detailed and while we do ensure each video is “beginner friendly” you will find tucked between the explanations and instructions moments of deeper mystical implications and insights that you will find most enjoyable.

This practice (and this course specifically) is sure to expand your heart and mind even more. We hope you join us too.

If this all sounds good to you, then I’d encourage you to Join Us In The Soorya Namaskara Course.

You’ll find more of the benefits and additional details about the practice itself, below. Keep on reading for more…

5 Super Benefits of Soorya Namaskara

Of the numerous benefits of this mystical pattern of poses, these 5 stand out as the most obvious…

Endows Sharp Intellect

You’ll find that your entire body is activated after just one Soorya Namaskara. Your blood gets flowing, your muscles are stretched, and your mind is clarified as mental fog & drowsiness evaporates. (especially effective early in the morning after waking up)

Strengthens Body & Metabolism

Often times we tend to think only of the muscles and ligaments when performing asanas and exercises, but the organs are also effected (especially in Soorya Namaskara.) This practice strengthens the back and helps balance the metabolism.

Stimulates & Balances The Body Systems

Soorya Namaskara stimulates and balances all systems of the body, including reproductive organs, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems.

Stimulates the endocrine glands

Stimulation of the endocrine glands helps to balance and regulate hormones.

fresh oxygenated blood to the brain

Synchronizing the breath with physical movements ensures that you breath deep and rhythmically which increases mental clarity and brings an abundance of fresh oxygenated blood to the brain.

The Mysticism of Sooya Namaskara

Of the almost countless forms of Hatha Yoga, poses, and variations of each there is one system of Yoga poses that stands out above the rest – not in superiority necessarily, but in popularity and importance.

Do not be fooled by the seeming simplicity of this set of poses, though.

It is far more than just a sequence of 12 physical movements. The effects on the physical body are of great benefit, but this system of poses was not merely designed to “salute the Sun” but to ALIGN with the “Sun of the Soul.’

The Sun is the great illuminator of the Earth. It is also a symbol for the Divine Sun (the illuminator of all Life & Lokas). When your mind becomes subtle, you will begin to percieve how everything in this physical plane is a projection from the mental plane. Even your mind is but a spark from the Cosmic Mind.

To move into higher states of consciousness requires a purified mind and body.

Without this, it is impossible to reach these heights of being.

Imagine your body is a thin copper wire that has collected debris over countless incarnations. If you attempt to send a strong electrical charge through this wire, it will short circuit (and cause damage not just to the wire itself but to the surroundings too).

The aim of  Soorya Namaskara is to (a) purify the “wire” of your body, mind, and consciousness and (b) to enhance it’s capacity for recieving and transmitting energies into and through it.

These are matters of a very subtle nature.

Some are easily percieved and obvious (like enhanced flexibility, less bodily pain, fluid breathing, more endurance & stamina, and so on).

But, there is much more going on that can be missed unless you’re also developing a keen awareness side-by-side with this practice.

You might then see that you are also less stressed, clearer minded, and have a cleaner, more focused energy to work with, and it is because you have been purifying with the subtle energies too.

Further, you can even notice that your mind is becoming more meditative. You are starting to KNOW via feeling rather than only rationalizing.

You might start to receieve direct knowledge (knowledge without words) from nature and from the higher dimensions of existence in a more intuitive manner.

For most, this is unfathomable. But, it is because their intellect is very limited and unable to understand anything beyond their current comprehension.

All of this becomes a possibility for you when you enter the spiritual path and practice Soorya Namaskara (with sincerity and an open heart), as well as other purificatory and meditative methods.

So, the Soorya Namaskara sequence is to start the process of purifying the body, mind, and heart to become more sensitive to the subtler dimensions of Life and especially of your own energies.

Additional Spiritual Benefits of Soorya Namaskara…

  • It is a great purifier of the body, mind, and spirit (creating more harmony in your life)
  • It is a most auspicious system of asanas
  • It leads to radiant health, joy, and liberation
  • Directly vitalizes the solar energy of the bodies which flows through the pingala nadi (the suble astral body channel that regulates prana) This leads to a balanced energy system.
  • Helps to generate more prana in the body
  • Reflects the rhythms of the solar system; the 24-hours of the day, 12 phases of the year, and the biorhythms of the body.

“Modern life is exceedingly wearing; the noise, the excitement, the hurry, the competition, the irregular hours, hard study, anxieties, worry, lack of proper food and excercise make a heavy tax on the constitution soon resulting in a breakdown of health. One can, however, be unaffected by these evils of modern civilization, if one should perform the Soorya Namaskar exercise daily and take care of the diet, and make proper use of sunshine and open air.”

The King of Aundh

(India 1940)

Frequently Asked Questions…

How quickly will I be able to learn Soorya Namaskara?

Immediately after you watch the “Day 1”  video (that’s today). You’ll have access to this video when you complete you order and after about 25-minutes (the duration of the video) you’ll have all of the information and instructions you’ll need to practice Soorya Namaskara.

Can I do this exercise if I'm disabled or have a health issue like high blood pressure?

Unfortunately, no. While this practice is safe for most, it would be unwise to practice Soorya Namaskara if you are not in good health. If you still wish to proceed, you should consult with your physician first before taking up this practice or any other type of exercise.

Will I be able to perform Soorya Namaskara if I have a stiff body?

Yes! And as we say in all of the videos, “take it easy.” Don’t try to rush into the poses and pull on tense muscles that aren’t ready to bend. If you can’t move into all of the poses shown immediately, over time you’ll find your body becoming more flexible.

Ready to Get Started?

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