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The Fruits Of Consistency

by | Sep 28, 2019 | Nick's Diary

 If you want to experience the fruits of consistency, you ought to take the actions that yield that fruit.


Some days it’s easy.


You wake up. You’ve slept well. You’re inspired to “do the work.”


Other days, you need to activate your will a bit. You need to involve some disciplined thought and action to do the it.


This is ok.


In a way, this is the flavor of life. It’s what keeps it always interesting. Never a dull moment.


Only in mundane in-action does life seem boring.


The moment you set into action, you’re lifted away from the depressing monotony that seems to be the “day-to-day” grind.


As for my personal experience… Even after all these years of various sadhana.


Yoga. Meditation. Exercise…


The subtle inertia of a new day still tugs at my mind on occasion.


I wake up. It’s Saturday. I worked hard this past week. I would like to relax; have some easiness.


There’s no problem with that.


But, the thoughts are pulling me away from the routine that I’ve set up. I set it because I know it’s benefits and I know what the rest of the day feels like if I give into the pull away from it.


The body is a little tired. It’s a little sore from the workouts of the previous day. It doesn’t want to be pulled and stretched.


But, in a way, the sore muscles do.


It’s not the body that doesn’t want to…


It’s the mind that doesn’t want to do it. The brain is well equip to avoid pain and go towards pleasure. 


So, my mind pulls me to the porch.


“Go. Enjoy some tea on the porch. It’s a gorgeous morning. Go read. Go relax. Go meditate and enjoy the breeze.”


Of course, I will…


But the practice comes first.


Pull the body. Open up those tight muscles and ligaments. Do the morning yoga exercises.


So, you see…


It’s not always easy. Sometimes: yes.


But, many times, there’s a bit of discipline necessary. It doesn’t always get easier the longer you do it either; and that’s good.


Because if a habit or a routine becomes easy to do; monotonous, it becomes a compulsive activity rather than a conscious action.


If you want to taste the fruits of consistency, you have to be consistent.


…Even when you don’t feel like it. 


The rewards are unfathomable.


Until next time. Nos vemos pronto! (getting mejor con mi español)

Nick Æ

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